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T.E.C & T.A.P

Team, Esteem & Confidence / Turn Around Programme 

The T.E.C programme encourages children to implement practical positive change. This powerful course fosters a fun, flexible and supportive environment, where young people come together to share ideas and develop both socially and emotionally whilst improving Team Building skills, Self Esteem and Confidence.

Aimed at years 9 & 10 this is a recently developed resource, designed for delivery in PRO-V as a ‘Turn Around Programme’ for learners who have lost their way slightly, began to display challenging behaviours, for whatever reason have fell behind academically, are experiencing a vulnerable stage in their lives, haven’t been attending school or who could simply do with a T.E.C boost to enable them to not only recognise but reach their full potential and return to mainstream or PRU having gained the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

T.E.C’s principle themes are Responsibility, Achievement and Aspiration. The programme takes a fresh approach and introduces Team building, Self Esteem boosting and Confidence boosting to learners identified by schools as those who will find this programme beneficial. Learners will have the opportunity to engage in intensive mentor therapy group sessions, keep up to date with English and Maths and also outdoor activities during this programme.

T,E,C & T,A,P
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