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About Us

Established in September 2016, PRO-V is an alternative education provision (AEP) with core values of Pride, Respect, Opportunity & Vision. We hope to teach learners to take PRIDE in themselves and their work. To RESPECT themselves and others whilst recognising their ability to achieve. We endeavour to provide OPPORTUNITIES, not only within PRO-V gaining qualifications and participating in our innovative programmes and team building exercises but also to create a stable entrance to chosen career paths, utilising our many contacts in the world of work. We help all learners enVISION the most successful future possible.

We provide a variety of educational programmes designed to meet the individual needs of all learners, including:

Functional Skills Maths and English, PSHE, Animal Care and Expressive Arts.

We have designed a Lifestyles programme of our own and it helps our learners improve skills in all areas we feel necessary to survive successfully in day to day life, such as cooking, ironing, finance management, interview preparation, revision techniques and much more.

PRO-V has provided alternative education for young people of Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton with a fantastic track record of learners either completing some form of qualification, successfully reintegrating to mainstream and/or gaining further education placements or apprenticeships with help, advice and guidance from our passionate staff team, working tirelessly, preparing our learners for their bright futures.

We provide a rich and diverse range of educational opportunities for our learners often using a more holistic approach with mentor therapy being a key part of what we offer and our outcomes prove the benefits of this particular approach with improvements in attendance, attainment, self esteem and confidence.

We offer regular reward enrichment activities, which are a huge plus with each and every learner.

In previous academic years we have had the pleasure to host fantastic awards ceremonies celebrating our learners, especially our Year 11 leavers who we had helped secure further education placements, jobs or apprenticeships.

We believe all children, especially those with highlighted additional needs and therefore in alternative provision settings, deserve an accessible, high quality education. Learners sometimes can’t attend mainstream school for various reasons, such as school exclusion, behaviour issues, illness, school refusal, teenage pregnancy etc. PRO-Vision have successfully delivered education to all learners with a range of various needs allowing them to progress within the learning environment chosen for them by our partnering schools.

Our professional partnerships with schools and positive relationships with learner families are very important to us and are built on excellent, regular and effective communication and sharing the same hopes and dreams for our young people.

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